Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Life and its Findings so far...

In the middle of the nite ,the reason behing my urge to blog after literally getting misplaced for a long time from the blog world , is this festive season around and the fact that i am not with my sweet little munchkin to celebrate with.

Very far away from my sweet little one trying to find myself in the real world ,i dont know if i can call it a makeover life of some kind for me or i am forgetting the Real Me but damn surely miss all the fun back home and more precisely the moments with amu as this ll be officially her first Diwali assuming as she is now 2.3 yrs old enough to play with crackers and diyas .

It really sucks that i cant be a part of the most exuberant festival i enjoy ,be it lighting up the whole house with diyas and colorful laterns to getting dressed and not to forget getting to eat yummy delicious spread of treats .

Really feel bad some where that i cannot be a part of experiencing the good moments with little one.

Ofcourse ,i am going through a guilt cycle when ever i think of the seperation between us.

But i still believe that i belong to the Real mother category ,by category i mean ofcourse my mother and your mother's belong to but i am an xtreme one belonging to subcategory called the GEN X one ;-) .

We all in our mind may think that one kind of mother is better than other, but then we rarely have the big picture to know why the mother is taking the decisions she is.

Fact is that , all mothers are Real. As Real as everything WE so firmly believe in and know to be right!

And if you still ask "the real mother of amu please stand up " ,i believe i ll still firmly be the one to stand upright.

Amu ~ I know that you are not the little silent amu anymore now ,u r a talkative ,very naughty and big girl now who is so independant at many things from eating in your own plate all by yourself  to trying new dishes .
Love the fact that i can actually have a real conversation with you now over the phone ,so i am guessing days are not far away when we are sipping on a hot chai and gossipping .(Damn it Rhymes  )
love the fact that i have a daughter and wish to have loads of fun with you in the yrs to come.
but i promise u my sweet little peapod that this ll be the first and last diwali u ll be celebrating without me .

hope u are enjoying loads ,be safe and loads of luv from mamma.

Happy Deepavali to one n all.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mind of a Working Mother

Ever wondered how imp are blessings in life and blessings in disguise are even better ..
wondering why am i talking about it no other option to read the post below
i saw this  message "Jeete raho " on the billboard .now how imp are these one liners if i can say so in our life .
we are living in a world which is on the run where there is absolutely no time for your partner or for your baby or the family , with all this there is no time for yourself finally.
I have never questioned myself untill now why does work gets so imp that u cant sacrifice for ur own gud, jeopardizing one's  physical and mental health where in there is no time to play with my growing child ,cant answer to her needs as i am totally exhausted from the days work.dont even get to situation between me n my partner i have started to feel that i am single yet a parentAll this at the cost of independence or Freedom.
Freedom of any kind is not free now i know.
how important is it for any women in this age to be independant ,is money so important in our lives.
Are the days gone, where most women stayed at home n took care of the family chores happily watching TV n munching side by side n not to forget the accumulated mass on the hips ;).
But i feel in ur life if u really feel that u need a break from all this then that is where u need to take a call.
i knw many of u after readin this ll wait to see the after math of this but really guys,life is race i know but it ll not hurt to stop n take a look around.

Its your life n life is calling where are you ????